eGo Accessories

Haka Tester

oHm, voltage, wattege tester
3 990 Ft

BUD Carto Cover

Cover for eGo batteries when used with BUD cartomizers
From 290 Ft

eGo Desktop Holder

Elegant desktop holder for your eGo devices
1 490 Ft

eGo Desktop Charger

Elegant desktop charger for your eGo devices
3 990 Ft

eGo Thread cover

To be used with DCT and Vivi Pro clearomizers on eGo batteries
400 Ft

eGo Necklace

Your eGo will always be with you
1 100 Ft 690 Ft

Haka Necklace

Your Haka, Vision, EVOD will always be with you
1 100 Ft

Vision mouthpiece

Colored mouthpieces for the Vision clearomizers
From 290 Ft

Leather holder

Wear your ecigarette on your neck
From 990 Ft

eGo button cover

Protects the battery's button from unintentional operation while not in use
300 Ft