Bases, additives

Bases with nicotine and additives for Do-It-Yourself eliquids.
 The bases are not to be used in electronic cigarettes without dilution !
All nicotine containing bases must be kept out of reach of children !

Flavourless base 36mg 50ml

Flavourless PG base for DIY eliquids
From 2 490 Ft

Pure PG

Pure Propylene-Glycol for DIY eliquids
From 850 Ft

Pure VG

Pure VG Vegetable Glycerin
From 850 Ft

FLASH E-liquid

Nicotine free liquid designed to mimic the nicotine hit
990 Ft 490 Ft


Caffeine in Propylene glycol
790 Ft

Caramel sugar syrup

FlavourArt Caramel sugar syrup
1 190 Ft